Bigg Boss 17: Neil’s Funny Incident,Fan Moment Goes Wrong in the Best Way Possible

Bigg Boss 17: Neil's Funny Incident,Fan Moment Goes Wrong in the Best Way Possible
Bigg Boss 17: Neil’s Funny Incident, Fan Moment Goes Wrong in the Best Way Possible


Neil’s Funny Incident

Bigg Boss 17: Neil’s Funny Incident, Neil Bhatt narrates a funny incident which he mistook for a fan moment at a mall in Delhi.

In the bedroom, Neil, Anurag, Arun, Mannara, Sana, and Jigna are having a chat when Neil shares a funny story that happened to him.

Neil had a very entertaining experience to share. He said, “In 2009, I was a part of this super popular show which marked a huge breakthrough in my career. We were living in Delhi then, and going out was a bit of a challenge as fans would come at me wherever I went. gone.”

He further added, “One day, I decided to have dinner at a mall with two of my co-actors. One of them had a habit of wandering off whenever he got a call. So, we ordered our food, And as luck would have it, he got a call and went.”

“While we were waiting for our food, a bright idea came to my mind – I would go and get her. So, I started looking for her, trying to be discreet and keep a low profile in Delhi. Wanted to be recognized, you know?”

Neil further said, “While I was sneaking around, there was a group of people standing there. I was trying to avoid them, but then one of them shouted and said, ‘Excuse me.’ I thought they wanted to take a picture with me, so I went there. But to my surprise, they handed me a camera and asked, ‘Can you please take our picture?’ I thought, ‘Wait, I should take a picture of them?’ It was the first time I experienced something like this because, in Delhi, people usually wanted to take pictures with me. Here, they expected me to be their photographer – it was so much fun!”

He laughed, “When I later shared this story with my co-actor, he also laughed a lot. But looking back, I realize it was quite a humbling experience because it was the first time something like this happened to me.” Something happened.”

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