Jigna Vora Denies Allegations of Mocking Khanzadi in the Bigg Boss 17 House!

Jigna Vora Denies Allegations of Mocking Khanzadi in the Bigg Boss 17 House!
Jigna Vora Denies Allegations of Mocking Khanzadi in the Bigg Boss 17 House!


After leaving the Bigg Boss 17 house, Jigna Vora appeared in a live interview on Jio Cinema with Siddarth Kanan, which gave her a chance to answer a variety of questions. The interview served as a platform for Jigna Vora to share her experiences and insights, giving the audience a deeper understanding of her journey.

Throughout the interview, Jigna Vora asked several questions covering a wide range of topics. In particular, a special inquiry was conducted regarding “Khanzadi”.

She was asked about her apparent dislike for Khanzadi, but there was more to the story. Recently a doctor’s video surfaced and in it, the doctor confirmed the fact that Khanzadi had real health problems. So, asked her “do you really not like her that much, or have your thoughts about Khanzadi changed after analyzing everything after coming out?”

Jigna responded by clarifying that it was not a matter of disliking Khanzadi, but a misinterpretation of the situation. According to Jigna, no one is inherently so irreplaceable that he can be completely discarded from our lives. However, Jigna points out a problematic aspect of Khanzadi’s approach, noting that she often adopts a victim mentality and takes up the issue herself. Despite getting significant support from everyone including Jigna and Rinku, Khanzadi’s attitude may suddenly change. Jigna expresses that, despite efforts to encourage, there are instances where Khanzadi suddenly accuses others of declining their support, creating a sense of inconsistency in their interactions.

Jigna openly admitted her confusion about Khanzadi’s intentions, as Khanzadi constantly claims to actively participate in the game and also avoids forming relationships with others. Despite this, Jigna wanted to emphasize from the bottom of her heart that no one in the house ever made fun of Khanzadi. She particularly pointed to the considerate behaviour of individuals like Abhishek, highlighting that someone like him also treated Khanzadi with kindness and understanding. This observation was intended to refute any notion that Khanzadi was being abused or mocked within the house, reinforcing the idea that, contrary to Khanzadi’s claims, the environment was supportive and respectful.

Jigna’s underlying message is that she believes Khanzadi is adopting a victim mentality rather than facing any real ridicule about her health. Jigna wants to make it clear that the narrative that Khanzadi presents herself as a victim of ridicule does not match the reality inside the house. According to Jigna, the atmosphere is one of support and understanding, no one is making fun of Khanzadi’s health. This perspective aims to challenge the perception that Khanzadi is being mistreated, emphasizing the importance of accurate portrayal and mutual respect between housemates.

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