Ranbir Kapoor’s New Action Hero Look in ‘Animal’ Is a Must-See for Fans

Ranbir Kapoor's New Action Hero Look in 'Animal' Is a Must-See for Fans
Ranbir Kapoor’s New Action Hero Look in ‘Animal’ Is a Must-See for Fans


Ranbir Kapoor is all set to showcase a unique and special look in his upcoming film “Animal” releasing on December 1. Viewers will see a transformation that includes a significant focus on his body, especially his admirable abs. The actor, known for his slim physique, has undergone a remarkable journey to embody the character required for the script of “Animal”.

The dedication and hard work put in by Ranbir Kapoor for this role is evident in a transformation video shared by his trainer. In the video, Ranbir is seen going shirtless, doing an intense physical workout, showcasing the efforts he has made in his physical transformation. The trainer, Shivoham, appreciated Ranbir’s staunch commitment, expressing admiration for the actor’s constant pursuit of excellence in his art.

Ranbir Kapoor, who is making a comeback as an action hero in “Animal”, had to gain twelve to thirteen kilos to get the desired look. The actor’s commitment towards his fitness journey is highlighted by the fact that he used to wake up at four in the morning to exercise, and seamlessly integrate his training routine with the shooting schedule of the film.

Shivoham also shared information about Ranbir’s disciplined approach, emphasizing the actor’s ability to maintain a balance between his personal life, workouts and a strict diet to achieve the best possible look for “Animal”.

The anticipation is high as the audience is eagerly waiting for Ranbir Kapoor’s rough and tough avatar, which is different from his usual soft guy image. The changes in his appearance for this role promise a unique cinematic experience, marking a distinct change in Ranbir Kapoor’s on-screen persona. “Animal” is set to feature the actor in a role that will bring out a side of him that the audience has not seen before.


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