Love Knows No Bounds: Randeep Hooda to Honor Partner’s Culture

Love Knows No Bounds: Randeep Hooda to Honor Partner's Culture
Love Knows No Bounds: Randeep Hooda to Honor Partner’s Culture


Actor Randeep Hooda, known for his roles in films like Highway, Sultan and Sarabjit, is getting ready to tie the knot with his girlfriend Lynn Lesram. The couple recently shared their plans to get married in Imphal, Manipur.

Expressing his excitement, Randeep Hooda mentioned that he is looking forward to immersing himself in the rich culture of Manipur. Randeep and Lynn openly discussed their relationship, and in the days before their wedding, they explored tourist destinations like Moirang, Lamkhai and Sendra resorts with their families.

Randeep stressed the importance of following bridal tradition, and acknowledging the unique customs of Meitai love marriages, the groom may indeed be expected to sit for a longer period compared to arranged marriages. They expressed genuine curiosity about celebrating and adopting these traditions, eager to fully experience their spouse’s culture.

Reflecting on their discussions about Manipuri culture, Randeep expressed his hope that no mistakes would be made during the wedding. He emphasized the time and effort they had put in to understand and appreciate the cultural nuances and expressed confidence that they would do everything right.

While talking to the media, Randeep told how he met Lynn for the first time. Their friendship that developed during their time in theatre has now developed into a family. Lynn said that she initially met Randeep in Nasruddin Shah’s theatre group, where Randeep was her senior.

The couple was also seen visiting a temple in Imphal, adding a spiritual touch to their pre-wedding preparations. As they anxiously await their wedding, Randeep and Lynn find themselves immersed in the joy and excitement of embracing a new chapter in their lives.


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